Thursday, April 30, 2009


The “Moon Transporter” also became well known for hauling Dean’s and

others cars to all types of events

The “Mooneyes” was changed to a top mounted blower in 1962 and with Gary Cagle

driving went 153.06@9.52 to take Middle Eliminator at the Winternationals

Dean Moon was the consummate “Hot Rodder” He built and raced cars from the Dry Lake’s to the Drag Strip and at the same time built a company that became an icon in the world of Hot Rodding.Starting the business from meager beginnings he grew it into a world wide name and made the “Mooneyes” logo a part of the history in the sport. Many of the products are still used today and several are very sought after by the people restoring and recreating the cars from yesterday. Though Dean left us on Jun 4,1987 he left behind a legacy that will live on as long as there are Hot Rodders. Not only did he entertain and educate us but he also motivated and challenged us to go faster and succeed.

Built from a Dragmaster Chassis Kit and powered by a Potvin Blown Chevy

the car brought Dean fame and Attention

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yours truly with my 1962 Dragmaster Dart front engine dragster. It will sport a 327 with a 3-deuce Rochester / Offy set-up.
Cowling and scoop will be white. Powder coating done by Palmdale Powder coating. 
The rear portion of the car had to be restored according to blue prints from Dode Martin; co-founder of Dragmaster. All custom welding and fabrication was and is done by Cory Weyer of Acton, California. 
A double roll bar was put in to keep things NHRA legal. It's also an option Dode did on the Dragmasters in the early days. I'll be posting more photos soon.